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Bride and Groom - Laurel and Al

From Washington, D.C.

Wedding Location

Canons, Akumal

Wedding Description

After almost 2 years of planning I could not wait to do this event. There were several events prior to their vow renewal. Welcome cocktail party, Salsa dancing lessons poolside from the Hotel Akumal Caribe with a Mexican feast under marquees, brunch on departure date.

Friends and family from all over came to join Al & Laurel after 25 years of marriage to renew their vows. They wanted a unique ceremony, and they got exactly that. Well initially Al teased he wanted a black magic ritual with chickens but thank God; Maria a well known healer in Tulum came to bless their ceremony instead.

Words can’t explain the love energy around this ceremony. Everyone gathered under a tent in a circle around a canopy surrounded by lilies. Fresh rose petals on the ground, Spanish guitar music during the ceremony and then the fun processional down the beach with the mariachi. Inside Lol-Ha is was all fun and dancing. A local salsa band had everyone on their feet for hours. Thank you for the opportunity!!! You are wedding planners dream come true!

In The Bride's Own Words...


Our spectacular 25th anniversary celebration was an extraordinary feat of coordination, meticulous attention to detail, superb execution and stunningly beautiful.   It was also one helluva party. You were absolutely magical. So many things -- small and large -- could have gone wrong and yet nothing, not one thing, went awry. We are in awe. Our friends still can't figure out how you managed that to arrange such wonderful weather throughout, topped by that spectacular sunset as we followed the mariachi band down the beach. (We tell them the sunset was included as part of the package.)

Congratulations. You were magnificent.

Laurel and Al Kamen

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